SAi and EFI collaborate to deliver seamless device integration for Fiery-driven print-and-cut environments

saiefi-inSA International (SAi) and EFI have announced the availability of the EFI Cut Server Option for Fiery proServer and Fiery XF digital front ends (DFEs). The new software option from SAi enables users of Fiery workflow solutions to achieve a fully integrated end-to-end, print-and-cut workflow. “As both companies have global customer bases, the provision of an easily integrated SAi-powered EFI Cut Server Option that enables Fiery customers to drive all the cutters in their business is a terrific advantage for them,” said Sarit Tichon, Senior Vice President of Worldwide Sales at SAi. “Importantly, the Cut Server Option that SAi developed for EFI delivers convenience, reliability and precision for users – regardless of whether they’re driving cutters from smaller providers, or those from larger manufacturers,” she added.

The EFI Cut Server Option gives users the power and versatility of SAi’s cut contour technology in a Fiery workflow to drive one or more of the 1300-plus supported cutting devices from more than 80 suppliers, whether sheetfed or rollfed. By eliminating the need to work with different software for each cutter type, job management is easier and all printing and cutting processes can be seamlessly linked. Up to eight cutting engines can be driven simultaneously, “accelerating production times and eliminating bottlenecks. The collaboration effectively enables more customers to enjoy an end-to-end print-and-cut environment with minimal touchpoints and maximum automation. Fewer manual steps also reduce the chance of human error and therefore waste,” the companies said.

The solution works by having the Fiery DFE extract the cut paths from the job and deliver them to the cutter. Meanwhile, without manual intervention, the DFE also readies the job for preview and automatic printing. Depending on the customer workflow or preference, cut-path recognition can be automatic or manual, so that operation may be unattended if desired.

Stefan Spiegel, General Manager, EFI Fiery Wide Format, added: “With the continued introduction of new types of signage applications and materials, our customers are constantly looking to us to help them streamline their operations and meet customer deadlines. Fiery technology offers our customers unparalleled processing speed and quality, and now the new Cut Server Option brings them meaningful new benefits. SAi boasts the largest library of cutter drivers on the market, and the popularity and ease-of-use of SAi’s software were also important factors in EFI’s decision on a partner to collaborate with. It’s therefore a successful combination of expertise from both EFI and SAi that enables us to provide this industry-leading solution.”


Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.