Xerox launches printed memory products to combat counterfeiting

Sample of a Xerox Printed-Memory Label.
Sample of a Xerox Printed-Memory Label.

To help businesses and government better secure products as they’re distributed, Xerox has introduced two printed electronic labels (also known as “printed memory”) that can collect and store information about the authenticity and condition of products. Xerox Printed Memory is a secure printed label containing up to 36 bits of re-writable memory that can store up to 68 billion points of data. The labels, for example, can be used to determine if a product is genuine, and to track how it’s been handled during distribution.

The second product, Xerox Printed Memory with Cryptographic Security, includes a unique, encrypted printed code (such as a QR bar code) in addition to the memory. It can be read only by authorized personnel using a reader that interfaces with a secure smartphone application. This combination of printed memory with an encrypted printed code creates “one of the most secure anti-counterfeit solutions on the market,” said Xerox. It’s ideal for use in applications as wide ranging as tracking and ensuring the safety of pharmaceutical products, to securing tax or duty stamps for government agencies. The Cryptographic Security feature was developed at PARC, a Xerox company, and is an added feature in the printed-memory labels.

xeroxprintedmemory1-in“This makes it possible to ensure the integrity of a product from the time it leaves the factory to the time it gets into the hands of a customer,” said Steve Simpson, Xerox Vice President responsible for Xerox Printed Memory. “Our printed-memory products provide a cost-efficient, highly secure method of authenticating and verifying information about a product as it moves through various distribution channels or as it’s used.”

Traditional anti-counterfeiting methods such as invisible ink, holograms and RFID tags can be copied, and are often expensive to implement. In contrast, Xerox Printed Memory with Cryptographic Security “offers brand owners a solution that’s inexpensive and difficult to counterfeit because every label is uniquely encrypted.”


Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.