Masterwork USA introduces MK1450ERS die-cutting and stripping machine

Masterwork MK1450ERS die-cutting and stripping machine.
Masterwork MK1450ERS die-cutting and stripping machine.

Masterwork USA, a leading manufacturer of folding carton and packaging equipment, has unveiled its new large-format MK1450ERS automatic platen die-cutting machine with full stripping and blanking capabilities. It has a large maximum sheet size of 1,450 mm x 1,080 mm, thus providing more usable space – and dramatically increasing its production capability, reducing material waste, and maximizing material use. The MK1450ERS can be equipped with an optional automatic logistics system to achieve automatic production of sheet feeding to sheet delivery without a feeder operator after production begins. Its maximum speed is 6,500 sheets per hour.

“We’re listening to customer and market requests, as well as trends in the industry to allow more products on the sheet for faster production,” said Carol Jiang, Vice President of Masterwork USA. “When our engineers were designing the new MK1450ERS, they increased the sheet size to an overall size of 1,450 mm x 1,080 mm since the market is moving from the traditional B1 format of 1,060 mm x 760 mm. Our larger sheet size provides our customers with a competitive advantage, increasing their efficiency and productivity. It brings value to any print shop operation.”

MasterworkMK1450ERS1-inIts independent servo-drive technology and automatic tracking system provide a fast, stable production environment. The machine is equipped with an automatic continuous feeding system. The speed regulation enhances smooth operation of the feeder whether it’s feeding thick board or thin paper. The new improved feeder can transport various thicknesses and types of material in a rapid and stable manner. Its intermittent mechanism with higher torque and its optimized drive, create stable high-speed movement of the main platen, which decreases the stretch of gripper chains and increases the longevity of the gripper bar chains. The side frames of the main platen have been designed and optimized to endure the load of large-tonnage pressure, which is 600 tons. Optimized movable cams for stripping and blanking ensure easy waste removal.

Masterwork USA is the U.S. headquarters for its parent company, Masterwork Machinery Company Limited based in Tianjin, China, which was established in 1995 and operates from a 90,000-square-metre factory employing over 900 people. The firm is a premiere provider of corrugated package printing solutions and has over 800 partners worldwide.


Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.