Flint Group launches VIVO Colour Solutions

flintgroupvivo-inFollowing “extensive dialogue with international packaging converters and brand owner partners,” Flint Group has launched VIVO inks to the global market. VIVO is Spanish for alive. “Top of the wish list for any brand owner is global brand integrity,” said Flint Group. “The ever increasing demands for one colour standard across geographies and packaging substrates ring loud – and now Flint Group has created the solution that can truly and reliably meet the colour management needs of all stakeholders in the packaging supply chain.”

The solution, added Flint Group, is innovative and unique in several ways:

  • The inks are centrally manufactured and are identical and consistent, ensuring ink recipes are applicable across multiple customer sites and regions worldwide.
  • The service provision is also centralized in its Global Colour Centre which creates, distributes and manages colour 24/7 across all four major print technologies – paper and board, flexible packaging, sheetfed, and later in 2016, narrow web.
  • The digital communication platform, containing multiple software tools and digital downloads, are all available via secure, web-based access to brand owners and converters.

flintgroupvivo1-inThe inks have been developed to complement Flint Group’s core business of supplying high-performing inks, coatings and consumables to its global packaging converter partners. Flint feels it’s a genuine breakthrough because it’s now able to create consistent colour management services throughout the entire colour workflow on a global level. The Group is currently demonstrating specific elements of VIVO at drupa.


Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.