Holland & Crosby installs two Esko Kongsberg C64 cutting tables

Operator with one of the new Esko Kongsberg C64 cutting tables.
Operator with one of the two new Esko Kongsberg C64 Finishing Tables.

Holland & Crosby (Mississauga, Ontario), a specialist in the design, manufacture and distribution of P.O.P. signage and displays, has invested in two Kongsberg C64 Finishing tables from Esko to keep up with its new, high-speed flatbed printers. Founded in 1932, the company and its 53 employees provide a complete range of services from creative and structural design to storage and distribution – including digital, screen and litho print production as well as prototyping and finishing.

The printer had recently invested in the Inca Onset X-Series of flatbed digital inkjet printers to accompany their Durst 320 Rho 3.2-metre roll-to-roll printer. The two finishing tables they owned had been able to keep up with their previous printers, however, the company knew they would eventually slow production. “By increasing the throughput in our presses, we knew we needed to match it with our cutters, or we would create a bottleneck in our finishing department,” said Scott Crosby, Vice-President of Sales and Marketing. “Our existing finishing tables were eight years old and out of date compared to most other cutters. Our investment in new presses almost doubled throughput. We needed new tables that were fast and reliable.”

Scott Crosby.
Scott Crosby.

Holland & Crosby eventually invested in two Kongsberg C64 finishing tables. One has been outfitted with automation on the front end. The other has been fitted with a router and an adaptor for roll stock. The Kongsberg C64 is a state-of-the-art, super-wide (126” x 126”) digital finisher that offers precision and productivity over ten feet due to its carbon-composite traverse beam, which is unique to Esko. The Kongsberg C also is the only super-wide finisher with a 3 kW continuous duty, high-performance milling unit.

“The Kongsberg C64 was the best combination of the things we were looking for,” Crosby added. “It offered us quality, speed, reliability and a vision going forward. We’re ultimately looking for lights-out automation. We want to be able to shut off our lights, feed a full skid of material, and return in the morning with cut, un-stripped product. Esko is working hard to get there for us. We were also looking for local service, and it was very important for us that Esko has service in our area. We don’t have the time to be down.”



Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.