PPG launches Teslin label stock

Teslin Label Stock samples.
Teslin Label Stock samples.

PPG (Pittsburgh, PA) has launched Teslin – a new portfolio of durable, printable and secure label stock. The new product will help label-converting customers leverage the unique properties of Teslin substrate globally by expanding the label options available to them. Teslin substrate is a synthetic paper for demanding print applications requiring “exceptional durability and security.” The new line, available in master and slit-roll forms, combines the durability and security of Teslin substrate with high-quality adhesives and liner materials to ensure that critical printed data remains protected on labels. Standard label configurations are available, and Teslin label stock can be custom-designed for labels that are compliant with the Globally Harmonized System (GHS) and British Standard 5609 (BS5609) requirements – as well as label solutions for security, chemical, medical, food and beverage applications.

ppgteslin1-in“Teslin substrate has always been regarded as a premium face stock because of its durability, print versatility and ability to secure printed data,” said Jason D. Depner, PPG Global Segment Manager, Teslin Substrate Products. “We developed this supply option to ensure all regions of the globe have ready access to Teslin label stock so we can better meet our customers’ needs.” Manufactured by PPG in Barberton, Ohio, Teslin substrate “blends colour reproduction of conventional pulp-based paper with the durability of a plastic.” It’s compatible with print technologies including inkjet, laser, thermal transfer and offset, and it locks inks and toners into its structure to protect printed label data from abrasion and tampering. Waterproof and resistant to chemicals, solvents and tearing, it can also withstand exposure to extreme temperatures. Additionally, it improves operating processes by offering bubble-free application, and it reduces the potential for static discharge when label liners are peeled from label stock – a process known to ignite chemical and solvent vapors in certain manufacturing environments.


Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.