Avanti launches #AskAvanti collaborative social media initiative to help printers

askavanti-inAvanti Computer Systems, an industry-leading, Toronto-based provider of cloud-based Print MIS solutions, today announced the launch of #AskAvanti, a social media initiative offering members of the printing community an opportunity to collaborate, as well as have access to ideas and information to help drive their success. Avanti has served the print industry for more than 30 years and has an active customer community of over 500 members. #AskAvanti builds upon this valuable knowledge base and decades of lessons gathered with this community. With today’s shifting landscape and the anticipation of 2020, when millennials will comprise 50% of the global workforce, Avanti said that it recognizes the need to grow and collaborate beyond its customers, and beyond its technology.

Stephen McWilliam.
Stephen McWilliam.

“We’re asked questions every day,” said Stephen McWilliam, Executive Vice President at Avanti. “Questions about software, about workflow, about streamlining processes, about market trends, and about ROI. #AskAvanti is where we can collaborate, educate and share tips, best practices and ideas for success in the print industry.” #AskAvanti is not a portal. It’s not a replacement for a traditional search engine, nor is it a substitute for Avanti’s Customer Support Team, said the company. Its objective is to help the printing community streamline business processes, as well as share ideas for marketing and sales, productivity hacks, and everyday lessons and challenges. #AskAvanti will foster ideas for tomorrow’s workforce in a collaborative environment with today’s workforce. Together, the ideas developed can become the foundation for the next generation.

“While the #AskAvanti social media initiative offers seasoned members of the print community a tremendous forum in which to exchange business-building ideas, it’s also a welcoming platform to interact with our industry’s future workforce,” said Debbie Vieder, Director of Communications at NPES/GASC. “Here, ‘digital natives’ can feel right at home asking questions about the printing and imaging industry directly from those who have already spent years in the trenches.” Avanti is currently exhibiting in booth 1879 at Graph Expo, taking place through to September 28 at the Orange County Convention Center in North Orlando, Florida. The company is also participating in several panels in The Printerverse. Visitors can ask questions using the hashtag: #AskAvanti, or by submitting them in writing from the Avanti booth. Avanti will tweet #AskAvanti questions from the show floor throughout the day.

Joanne Gore.
Joanne Gore.

“By choosing Graph Expo 16 as the launchpad for #AskAvanti, we can cultivate questions live from the show floor and have these wonderful offline conversations, while supporting this online initiative,” said Joanne Gore, Director of Marketing at Avanti. “We’re launching a digital program and using printed materials to spread the word. I can’t think of a better place for that to happen.” #AskAvanti will help drive the development of a variety of helpful resources, including a new series of e-books that answer questions like: “How do you say yes when the answer is no?”; “How can you avoid ‘geek-speak’?”; and most recently published “Which business decisions are costing you business?”, available for download at www.avantisystems.com/askavanti. “Ultimately, the questions will drive new content which we will then develop into infographics, articles, webinars, etc.” Gore added. “We encourage everyone from every aspect of the print community to #AskAvanti and share their insights, challenges, and questions with our community.”

How do you #AskAvanti?

Visit: www.avantisystems.com/#AskAvanti.

Twitter: twitter.com/hashtag/askavanti.

Send a tweet to @avantisystems and include the hashtag #AskAvanti.

Post a question on Facebook and include the hashtag #AskAvanti.

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Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.