EFI announces new Fiery DFE for next generation of Ricoh MFPs

efidfericoh1-inElectronics For Imaging (EFI) has launched a new Fiery Digital Front End (DFE) that will drive the next generation of Ricoh’s family of colour multi-function printers (MFPs) driven by Ricoh’s new Workstyle Innovation Technology platform designed to support both enterprise and office environments. The new EFI Fiery E-23C DFE delivers variable-data printing (VDP) capabilities with its built-in Fiery FreeForm. Plus, it gives users the competitive advantage of superior processing performance with Fiery SmartRIP technology that “quickly and easily processes even complex, content-rich and image-rich files by intelligently streamlining the processing of queued jobs. Users gain a higher level of performance and speed to process and produce professional-looking prints in-house – such as booklets, brochures, manuals and flyers on demand, saving time and money,” said EFI. The new product also extends a longstanding partnership between EFI and Ricoh that provides innovative products to customers to improve their printing operations.

John Brophy.
John Brophy.

John Brophy, Vice President of Product Marketing at Ricoh USA, said the new DFE will help customers gain even more improvements in their high-end digital colour printing. “Our four new Ricoh colour MFPs are affordable, versatile and highly productive systems that have been designed to help seamlessly support the colour-intensive workflow requirements for busy office workgroups and enterprise environments. The Fiery E-23C provides our customers with the power to quickly and efficiently produce high-quality finished prints with accurate and pleasing colour.”

efidfericoh2-inThe Fiery E-23C DFE is available with optional tools that drive even greater performance with automated job submission and streamlined document workflows. Optional and standard features with the new digital print workflow products enable users to print without expert knowledge to achieve:

  • Superior colour quality. The new DFE delivers high-quality colour images right out of the box with Fiery ColorWise technology. Companies can also use optional Fiery Spot-On software for colour-critical jobs to ensure brand colours are reproduced correctly and to achieve the best match for Pantone colours.
  • Easy-to-use booklet making. Fiery VUE, a visual print application for in-house booklet creation, is available via a free download. It provides an instant 3D visual preview of the finished product, so users can quickly produce professionally finished documents on-demand without outsourcing costs and incurring long lead times.
  • Extended job processing capabilities. The optional Fiery Productivity Package offers a set of tools that enable last-minute image corrections, advanced queue management functionality, and automated job submission and preparation. It also includes free Fiery JobFlow Base software, which allows users to build essential workflows that eliminate the repetitive set-up of frequently printed jobs by automating the required job preparation steps.
John Henze.
John Henze.

“Once again we have partnered with Ricoh to drive their next generation of multi-function printers with our industry-leading Fiery technology, to provide customers with exceptional out-of-the-box colour and high performance,” said John Henze, Vice President of Fiery Marketing at EFI.

“For more advanced users, additional optional tools like the Fiery Productivity Package now enable more integration and automation that can further increase productivity.”


Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.