GMG launches industry’s first predictive multichannel profiling and colour separation technology

gmgpredictive-inGMG, a leading developer and supplier of high-end colour management software solutions, changed the multi-channel profiling world when it introduced GMG OpenColor in 2013. GMG OpenColor has now been extended to include multi-channel colour separation as well. GMG OpenColor has the ability to characterize offset, flexo and gravure printing processes with up to 10+ colours of overprinting inks, with a fingerprint size that’s 10 times smaller than previous colour management systems (including GMG’s own). Using GMG’s mini-strip technology, large colour charts can be replaced by strips or mini-strips. Even without a strip, the new technology can predict the correct overprints. It also supports emerging extended gamut (ECG) converting methods, but without the process restrictions of current ECG solutions. GMG has now completed its original design goal to include groundbreaking software to help with ECG separation, in addition to its GMG OpenColor profiling products. They include:

  • GMG ColorPlugin Packaging for Photoshop.This powerful GMG colour separation technology works within Photoshop, together with GMG OpenColor. The GMG ColorPlugin for Packaging includes powerful tools for colour separation and re-separation tasks within Photoshop, working with standard and non-standard separation profiles created in GMG OpenColor or GMG ProfileEditor. The GMG Photoshop Plug-in simplifies colour separation tasks done today, “but with much more predictability and productivity than ever before.” The GMG ColorPlugin is easy to use, generating outstanding results – even when used by operators with different skill levels. GMG ColorPlugin Packaging also offers the features of channel removal, minimum dot adjust and preview, and takes extra advantage of GMG OpenColor’s spot colour profile functionality.
  • GMG OpenColor connectivity with Hybrid PackZ for ECG color separation. Hybrid PackZ is a PDF-based prepress tool suite for professional package and label production. PackZ is now connected to GMG OpenColor with the ability to create dynamic profiles within GMG OpenColor. This capability can generate complex, multi-channel profiles from two to more than ten inks overprinting as required by the input PDF file. This solution can produce final separations for ‘typical’ seven-colour (CMYKOGV) ECG processes, but can also produce any number or combination of output colours. PackZ and GMG OpenColor can easily re-separate jobs to reduce or optimize print stations on a press (replacing magenta with a line colour or eliminating entire ink channels, with minimal visual impact). Many of the colour-management tasks that the PackZ/GMG OpenColor connection now enables were very difficult in the past. Now, these complex re-separation tasks can be achieved on the fly with predictive dynamic profiling supplied by the new GMG OpenColor connectivity and Hybrid PackZ.
  • GMG ColorProof and GMG FlexoProof. “The world’s most powerful proofing software package” continues to add new features and advanced automation. As GMG OpenColor is enhanced, GMG ColorProof/FlexoProof has been enhanced to support these new capabilities. To make proofing simpler and better, GMG OpenColor calculates high-precision profiles and automatically transfers them to GMG ColorProof/FlexoProof for printing. In this scenario, the input PDF triggers the automatic creation of the specific profile needed for ECG, without any operator intervention.
  • GMG DotProof. An accurate preview of screening is particularly important for flexo printing. GMG OpenColor 2.0.5, released at drupa, allows the creation of dot proof (screen) proofing profiles for use in GMG DotProof and GMG FlexoProof. This is helpful for determining the overprint properties with the benefit of halftone proofing. Users can easily create halftone profiles for the colours needed – be they CMYK or spot colours – and print high-end halftone proofs in GMG DotProof and FlexoProof that predict the press result with dot-for-dot precision, including the screen rulings, angles, dot shape and dot gain.
Joseph Varone.
Joseph Varone.

“In the past year, GMG has considerably advanced our unique, accurate colour management and proofing solutions,” said Joseph Varone, GMG Americas President. “GMG is being quickly adopted by many label printers and brand owners who require matching colours on any substrate. We look forward to advising printers how to achieve accurate, repeatable colour for labels, no matter the workflow or print process.”


Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.