Agfa Graphics releases Fortuna 10 Design and assembly software for high-security printing

Fortuna introduces a modular approach to applying patterns and screens for high-security designs.
Fortuna introduces a new modular approach to applying patterns and screens for easier-to-produce, high-end security designs.

The latest version of Agfa Graphics’ Fortuna software for high-end security printing features new security design tools and new rasters, as well as a series of new tools focusing on productivity and simplifying security designers’ tasks. The collection of updated tools and new security modules is aimed at reducing complex manual calculations, as well as achieving more productivity and ease-of-use for designers of high-security printing graphics for passports, ID documents, high-security cards, breeder documents, tax stamps, security documents, lottery tickets and more. “For Fortuna, we’re in a continuous process of researching new security tools while adapting the software itself to increase the design productivity,” said Andy Grant, Global Head of Software at Agfa Graphics. “We want to enable designers of high-security documents to create dedicated and more diverse designs faster and more accurately,” he added.

agfagraphicsfortuna1-inFortuna 10 introduces a new Trafo Pattern Generator. The technology has been characterized as “a unique solution for the latest challenges faced by passport and other security document designers.” It creates very complex, yet precise transformation patterns that replace labour-intensive and calculation-intensive manual steps. There are also two new special rasters. The Hair Raster helps create unique and complex lines based on reference elements or images, while the Text Raster enables the use font properties to create type-based security rasters. These were added to an already extensive list of security features that “fit the needs of every security designer or printer.”

Other new tools in Fortuna include a new align tool, enhanced magnetism of objects, a special zoom option, tools to create and control dashed lines, advanced use of text from external sources, improvements to the special warp grid, mirror and geometrics – all of which save time when developing high-quality and complex ways to deter and stop counterfeiters. Fortuna 10 will be available for Windows 10 environments at the end of 2016. Agfa Graphics Canada is located in Mississauga, Ontario.






Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.