Esko and Corbus partner to optimize packaging management solutions

eskocorbus-inThis latest partnership is one in a series Esko has engaged in to build a growing network of knowledgeable system integrators that have a strong presence in the brand-owner community. This strategy complements Esko’s delivery of software and services into the brand-owner community for packaging management and brand management projects, including solutions like Esko’s WebCenter and MediaBeacon. The Corbus partnership will deliver smooth implementations and support when there’s a requirement to integrate Esko solutions with ERP and other back-end systems within brand-owner organizations that will help reduce time to market.

Esko WebCenter packaging management combined with MediaBeacon solutions will streamline activities from specification and design through to production and asset sharing across all digital channels. Users will share files with all stakeholders for review, approval, collaboration and digital publishing. In the latest version, users will now be able to view 3D designs using a standard web browser on a desktop computer or mobile device – including accurately viewing transparencies and print-finishing effects. In addition to its partnerships within the supplier community, Esko over the years has developed deep relationships with a series of Fortune 500 brand owners. These well-known brands rely on partners such as Esko and Corbus to help them manage their packaging and digital publishing projects, with the objective to maintain brand integrity while keeping costs and cycle times in line.

“We work closely with our brand-owner customers to help them exceed their business objectives,” said Philippe Adam, Esko’s Vice President of Marketing. “Partnering with companies like Corbus that also have strong brand-owner relationships are a force multiplier that benefits the entire ecosystem.”

Apurva Khanna.
Apurva Khanna.

“I’m very excited about the new partnership with Esko,” said Apurva Khanna, Corbus Vice President, Sales & Marketing. “I’m confident that the synergies between the two companies will allow us both the opportunity to increase the value that we bring to our clients.”

Esko is a global supplier of integrated solutions for the packaging, labels, sign and display industries. Esko products and services help customers manage, create and produce better labels, packaging, signs and displays. Corbus is a leading global provider of supply chain management solutions, business process management, information technology and digital marketing services.


Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.