Intec unveils ColorCut 500 Digital Die Cutter

Intec ColorCut 500 Digital Die Cutter.
Intec ColorCut 500 Digital Die Cutter.

UK-based Intec Printing Solutions’ ColorCut 500 Digital Die Cutter for light production of sheet labels and packaging, can produce an SRA3/tabloid extra sheet of labels in 30-40 seconds, depending on label complexity. This enables users to produce from 10 to 1,000 sheets per day with quick turnarounds of sheet labels. Powered by an automatic vacuum-feed pick-up and pneumatic fingers, with variable suction control, the ColorCut can cut and perforate different media types and thicknesses at the twist of a knob or touch of a button for complex die-cutting of any shape of label and different cuts in one pass.

Lifting and advancing one sheet at a time, the ColorCut combines air separation jets to eliminate misfeeds caused by static. Vision Control productivity software allows the operator to easily define the quantity of labels and then proceeds to produce label sheets unattended. Using advanced digital contour cutting technology to follow drawn cut lines in CorelDraw or Adobe Illustrator, there’s no need to send out for dies to be made, or to wait while they’re produced, said Intec. “Digital cutting becomes an on-demand process. Simply click, cut, and your labels are produced to any shape, direct from your desktop. The integrated high quality imaging camera provides vision-based registration technology to detect registration marks on the label sheet, ensuring crisp and accurate cut lines.”

inteccolorcut2-inMark Baker-Homes, Intec Director of Product Development, added: “It’s the perfect complement to your digital colour printer offering automatic cut sheet labels, custom greeting cards and prototype packaging.” Coupling the ColorCut with the ColorSplash digital colour printer (or any other major manufacturer’s digital printing device) provides users with a low-cost, versatile solution for producing quick-turnaround labels, intricate cards and packaging.


Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.