MultiCam Canada hosts busy open house

Visitors learnd about the latest in automated CNC cutting solutions and technology.
Visitors learned about the latest automated CNC cutting solutions and technology.

MultiCam Canada, a leader in providing automated CNC cutting solutions for almost 20 years, held a busy and successful open house late last week at its headquarters in Concord, Ontario. The event featured live demonstrations of its Plasma, Waterjet and new Apex Routers. Also showcased was a new safety speed product line, which included panel saw/router combinations, substrate cutters and desktop cutters.

Several industry-leading vendors partnered with MultiCam Canada and attended the open house. These included SAi Enroute, Shopdata, Hypertherm, KMT, Lmt Onrsud, Dimar Cutting Tools and Safety Speed Manufacturing. Each supplier conducted informative one-hour live presentations showcasing their products and capabilities, while answering any customer questions one-on-one. MultiCam added that it’s looking forward to hosting similar events in the future.

One-on-one sessions provided answers to the various technologies.
One-on-one sessions outlined the benefits of  the various equipment showcased.

MultiCam Canada has been a regional technology Centre for MultiCam’s full line of CNC Cutting equipment since 1994. Its installations span Manitoba to Newfoundland and include over 500 CNC Routers, Plasma Cutters as well as Laser, Knife and Waterjet cutting systems. The company manufactures space-saving, moving-gantry and moving-table CNC routers. Each series comes in various sizes to meet a customer’s specific requirements and each model can also be customized to suit a particular application. MultiCam offers its 3-axis routers in the Classic Series – 1000, 3000, 5000, and 7000 Series configurations. Its 5-axis routers are offered in the 8000 Series configuration. Options for all its routers include high-frequency spindles, tool changers, gang drills, vacuum tables, aggregate heads, saws, knives and many more.



Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.