IIJ unveils ultra-fast variable data inkjet technology

IIJ Module for variable-data printing.
IIJ’s Variable-Data Print Module.

UK-based Industrial Inkjet Limited (IIJ), manufacturer of bespoke digital print engines based on Konica Minolta inkjet printheads, has introduced new technology for food and pharmaceutical packaging manufacturers. Based on the MonoPrint XPi system (an exceptionally fast variable-data print module), the turnkey solution is capable of printing high quality variable data output using low migration inks at speeds of up to 300 metres per minute – far in excess of what alternative systems can currently achieve, said the OEM. IIJ has worked with expert partners in the development of this system, including UV curing, ink technology and camera specialists. The inkjet printheads are Konica Minolta KM1024i heads. Working together, they had the first installation of this technology in Asia in September of 2016. The inkjet print module was installed inline with the customer’s offset presses.

In addition to the fast speeds, IIJ’s drop-on-demand UV piezo inkjet delivers a substantial quality boost compared to the continuous inkjet technologies that have been used for most of the variable data that’s been added to packaging so far, said the company. “The quality of print is such that the variable elements look as if they were printed as part of the overall print run. IIJ’s system is also smaller and more affordable than other drop-on-demand inkjet systems.” Paddy O’Hara, IIJ’s Director of Technology, added: “As a company, we have the flexibility to tailor the technology to each customer and each print line. Partly, that’s because the Konica Minolta heads are very fast and accurate, but also it’s because we’re a focused company that can innovate and move quickly.”



Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.