SAi announces software certification for HP Latex 300 Series Printers

HP Latex 315 Printer.
HP Latex 315 Wide-Format Printer.

SA International (SAi), a leading provider of software solutions for the professional signmaking, wide-format digital printing and CAD/CAM for CNC machining industries, has announced that its Flexi wide-format printing and signmaking software has been certified by HP for use with the latest additions to its Latex 300 Printer Series. Both SAi Flexi & SAi FlexiPrint HP Latex Editions are certified on all models in the new series – the HP Latex 315, 335, 365 and 375 Printers – and follows the recent certification of all printers in HP’s Latex 500 Series. For users, this provides maximum control over output speed and ensures superior quality prints, while also supporting accelerated time-to-market and reduced production costs. The SAi FlexiPrint HP Basic Edition is available in the box as standard with the HP Latex 315 and 335 printers.

saihplayex1-inIn addition to launching its latest HP Latex 300 Series Printers, HP has upgraded the firmware for its exiting 300 Series and 500 Series of printers. To support the new HP firmware, SAi has released a new matching software build, SAi FlexiPrint 12 Build #2402, which includes HP certified drivers in FlexiPrint HP Basic, Premium and Sign-Pro editions. The latest SAi FlexiPrint HP Edition software delivers a number of new benefits to large-format printers, including better support for printing simultaneously to multiple devices. Users also get support for the new HP Online Media Manager server, ink prediction (560 and 570 models only), continuous job printing support, and easier network device location.

saihplatex2-inAll new orders of SAi FlexiPrint 12 Basic, Premium and Sign-Pro editions will include the newest HP Latex drivers and upgraded features. Current users with existing builds of FlexiPrint 12 HP Edition will be able to upgrade for free. Users will receive a notification with instructions about upgrading when they run their software. Users of SAi RIPs also have the option of reducing the cost of printer ownership by enrolling in SAi’s monthly subscription program. This enables printers to benefit from greater cost control, while accessing the latest version of SAi’s previously mentioned HP-certified software solutions without a major capital investment.


Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.