Spiel Associates releases Sterling Wiremaster compact

Spiel Sterling Wiremaster Compact.
Spiel Sterling Wiremaster Compact.

The Sterling Wiremaster Compact from Spiel Associates is “a game changer when it comes to wire binding,” said the company. The Wiremaster Compact is a fully automatic double-loop wire binder capable of binding up to 2,000 books per hour. The machine is less than nine feet long and sells for about the same price as a top-tier semi-automatic wire binder. The operator simply drops a book on the conveyor and the Wiremaster Compact does the rest. In other words, it cuts and inserts the wire, closes the wire, and delivers the book onto a conveyor. The result is accuracy and reliability in wire binding at much greater speeds and at a reduced cost of ownership.

sterlingwiremaster1-inSpiel Associates Associates of Long Island City, New York was founded in 1963 and is the one of the largest and most respected independent bindery equipment specialists in the United States. The company also sells creasing machines, drills, perforators, stitchers, collators and more in both Canada and the U.S.


Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.