GAM to post news by 7 am each day and provide live news links and more in 2017

gaminitiatives2017-inAfter seeing website traffic more than double in the past year and a half to over 20,000 unique monthly visits, Graphic Arts Magazine (GAM) will be continuing this momentum by adding new reader services beginning on Monday, January 2, 2017. Here’s a summary:

  • Live links to your news stories. For every news item we post on our website, GAM will send back the live link to the originator for promotional and social media purposes. “We genuinely appreciate the effort it takes to put these press releases together,” said GAM Editor Tony Curcio. “I’m confident this will help both printers and equipment manufacturers to get the word out.”
  • News every day by 7 am. We understand how busy people are in this industry, so we’re going to continue to lead the way by posting 3 news items every weekday. But now, they’ll appear by 7 am! Two weekend news items (one Saturday and one Sunday) will also be posted by 7 am. The majority of our other categories will be refreshed weekly.
  • Installations updates. “Though installations are very important to both print shops and equipment manufacturers, I’ve always felt that they tell only part of the story,” said Curcio. “Beginning in January, we’ll run follow-up articles online that document specifically how these state-of-the-art devices are improving productivity and quality, while opening up new applications and opportunities.”
  • New columnists. GAM will be welcoming three new columnists with decades of industry experience and expertise this January. When they’re confirmed, you’ll be the first to know. Stay tuned!
Benny Landa.
Benny Landa.

Don’t miss Jason Lisi’s interview with Benny Landa in our February issue

In a previous post regarding the recent DIA Christmas luncheon (below), we had mentioned at the end of that article that columnist Jason Lisi will be interviewing Indigo founder and creator of Nanography (and Canadian-born) Benny Landa. We previously said that our Associate Editor Natalia Lumby would be writing the feature, which was incorrect. This is one feature you definitely won’t want to miss!



On behalf of all of us at Graphic Arts Magazine,

have a wonderful and relaxing Christmas season

and a fulfilling and successful new year.

And never forget that we’re always here to help you.

– Tony Curcio, Editor



Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.