ISA releases digital signage article series

isadigitalarticles-inExterior digital signs used by private businesses and public institutions are one of the most difficult areas of sign development – yet one in which signs have the biggest impact on the community. To help sign fabricators grow in their understanding of the strategy and processes behind exterior digital signs, The International Sign Association (ISA) has released a series of articles prepared by Craig Berger, Chair of the Visual Presentation and Exhibition Design Program at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. The four-part series covers:

  • Selecting and Developing Exterior Digital Signs.
  • Exterior Digital Sign Legibility and Content.
  • Architectural Integration: Making Digital Signs Part of a Place.
  • Digital Sign Codes and Design Best Practices.

isadigitalseries1-inThe series also includes other key topics such as: return on experience; using design to drive brand identity; sign code best practices; new technologies; and architecture. It’s available for download at

The series is free for ISA and Affiliated Association members, or $24.95 (USD) for non-members. The article series joins a growing body of ISA research aimed at shedding more light on opportunities in the sign, graphics and visual communications industry. You can find more research-oriented features at

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Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.