GMC Software announces availability of Inspire R11

gmgr11a-inGMC Software, a leader in Customer Communications Management (CCM), has announced today the general availability of GMC Inspire R11 (Release 11). The enriched version of GMC Inspire, created by the world’s largest dedicated CCM development team, includes more than 500 new enhancements and 25 major new features. Twenty months in the making, GMC Inspire R11 incorporates industry firsts developed in response to the cross-industry need for a solution that enables business-wide collaboration, visibility throughout the customer journey, and the ability to take immediate action to improve the customer experience. Among the many new enhancements, GMC Inspire R11 contains the first-ever cloud-based Customer Experience (CX)/CCM collaboration tool, the first CCM solution to offer integrated customer journey mapping technology, and the first mobile software development kit (SDK) to deliver customer communications as a mobile service.

R11’s cloud-based CX/CCM collaboration tool allows for social commenting on every cloud application, which helps keep the lines of communication open throughout the asset development and delivery process. This level of collaboration was developed to help enterprises (and the service providers that serve them) maintain brand integrity throughout the customer journey, provide customer service reps with relevant upsell and cross-sell opportunities, and accelerate changes and approvals to documents within pre-set limits, without IT involvement.

Tamir Sigal.
Tamir Sigal.

Its integrated Customer Journey Mapping is a cloud-based solution that makes it easy to connect to any third-party tools and data sources. The technology breaks down the silos between communication projects managed by different teams and serves as a powerful decision-making tool, allowing CX and marketing executives to review and take action to improve their organization’s entire portfolio of CCM assets through a single web interface. The solution’s SDK, GMC Inspire Mobile Advantage, makes it possible to create a responsive, interactive and regulatory compliant mobile experience with little reliance upon IT or external support. “The new features and enhancements in GMC Inspire R11 address the momentous shift in the marketplace and in the CCM industry as a whole,” said Tamir Sigal, CMO, GMC Software. “Today, everyone within an organization is being held responsible for creating the most positive customer experience possible. R11 enables stakeholders throughout the organization to take part in the process of CX transformation.”


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