InfoTrends completes new study – Lead with Data: Follow with Print

infotrendsleadwithdata1-inInfoTrends (Weymouth, MA), a division of Keypoint Intelligence, has completed a new multi-client study titled Lead with Data: Follow with Print. The objectives of this study were to define the range of utilization sophistication among marketers’ data and examine how data is being used to drive better sales and marketing results. The research looked at data sources, critical data processes, and how data was being deployed in print and digital marketing campaigns. InfoTrends added that marketing professionals want to get the right message in front of the right audience at the right time, so they can drive desired consumer behaviours. Furthermore, consumers expect interactions to be relevant to their individual preferences and interests. However, a significant number of marketers still lack the internal experience, either at the functional or operational level, to be successful in this area.

According to 250 marketing executives and 50 agency executives that InfoTrends surveyed, an essential element of any campaign was to understand the customer’s “path to purchase” to determine when and how to communicate with the consumer most effectively through a series of channels. These channels could include direct mail, e-mails, search engines, loyalty programs, review channels and social networks.

Barb Pellow.
Barb Pellow.

“Although the majority of marketers are currently evaluating the path to purchase, there’s a limited understanding of how consumers discover, learn about, purchase,and experience a product,” said Barb Pellow, Group Director at InfoTrends. “As we move forward in 2017, it’s important for marketing professionals to understand which channels work best for various customer types, and that messaging needs to be consistent and personalized across all channels.”

Lead with Data: Follow with Print delivers crucial insights into the data-driven strategies required to reach consumers. It analyzes marketing requirements for an array of data services and the skills required for delivery. The study further identifies essential services and technologies for vendors and providers direction for educating print and marketing services providers on the technology, partners, skills and investments required for participation in data services.

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Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.