Prime Data postcard campaign supports Women’s March and a louder voice for women in Canada

primedatapostcard-inPrime Data (Aurora, Ontario), a Canadian leader in variable-data digital printing and other data-driven marketing solutions for over 17 years, is putting its support behind the recent Women’s March in Washington, DC with an innovative postcard campaign to let Canada’s parliamentarians know what issues matter most to Canadians. Supporters can tap out a message on their phones and a real postcard will be printed and mailed within hours to their MP – at no cost! Prime Data was inspired by the’s call to action for American women to undertake 100 days of action to support the cause. The first among these is a request for every woman in America to write a postcard to their senator about the issues that matter most to them. The site provides a downloadable postcard for women to use. If every one of the 500,000 to 800,000 reported protesters wrote just one card, they would fill a quarter of a tractor trailer with cards weighing about 8,000 to 12,000 lbs.. Of course, requiring people to print, buy a stamp and mail is a three-step process that inevitably reduces participation.

Marie McLaughlin.
Marie McLaughlin.

“The idea that a postcard was still the first action is inspiring,” said Marie McLaughlin, Head of Finance at Prime Data. “But having people print them out and then mail them seemed like an unnecessary hurdle. As a marketing technology company that’s a leader in variable-data printing, we realized there was a simpler way to get postcards created for those who prefer a digital device. So we did it – from concept to launch in 15 hours!”

In Canada, postage is free to the federal government. So, Prime Data created a simple, secure online form that allows women to craft their message online, have it turned into a real postcard, and mailed on their behalf – absolutely free. “Personal information will not be stored or used for any purpose other than this campaign, and will subsequently be purged from our records,” McLaughlin added. “As a progressive company, we want to help Canadians connect with their elected representatives. We know that printed cards and letters have a bigger impact on decision makers than a social media like or an online petition.”

Click here to visit the form and make your voice heard.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Sometimes leadership involves much more than just talk or the bottom line. Congratulations to Prime Data for using their expertise in an unprecedented way to support a cause we should all get behind).


Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.