Appleton releases new Find Your Utopia Swatchbook

Ferkó Goldinger.
Ferkó X. Goldinger.

Appleton Coated’s new Find Your Utopia Swatchbook helps corporations, designers, and printers “map their creative course with the power of print.” The swatchbook guides users towards the best Utopia coated paper for their projects while showcasing print excellence on all grades and finishes.

“Combining vivid photography and superb printing, our latest swatchbook demonstrates Utopia’s unique attributes, while emphasizing the excellent value, first-class service, and environmental sustainability that comes with every order,” said Ferkó X. Goldinger, Appleton Coated’s Marketing Manager.

The new swatchbook explains the entire Utopia family of five coated paper grades that include:

  • Utopia Premium in Gloss and Silk. An exceptionally smooth, uniform surface with a balanced blue-white shade favoured by artists and galleries for fine art and photography reproduction is the only 150-lb. coated cover. FSC certified (FSC C007796), and Green-e certified Green Power – all standard, no upcharge.
  • Utopia U1X in Gloss, Silk, and Matte. The brightest Utopia available. Ultra-bright blue-whiteness for extra image “pop.” Smooth while providing uniform light reflection for greater clarity and very smooth ink lay. FSC certified, minimum 20% PCRF, Green-e certified Green Power – all standard, no upcharge.
  • Utopia U2:XG in Gloss, Dull, Matte, and Ivory Matte. “Versatile and dependable with an environmental pedigree supporting sustainability initiatives without compromise.” Clean blue-white shade, FSC certified, minimum 30% PCRF, Green-e certified Green Power – All standard, no upcharge.
  • Utopia Two in Gloss, Dull, and Matte. Economical in a blue-white shade delivering performance and value for high-volume projects that need true-to-life reproduction. FSC certified, minimum 10% PCRF, Green-e certified Green Power – all standard, no upcharge
  • Utopia Three in Matte and Gloss. Made-to-order for high-volume print projects requiring reliable performance and competitive value. Matte sheets FSC certified – standard, no upcharge.

The new swatchbook is available from Appleton Coated merchant distributors and from Appleton Coated sample services.


Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.