Avanti Slingshot becomes first Print MIS to integrate with MarcomCentral’s JobDirect Plus

Toronto-based Avanti Computer Systems Limited, a Canadian leader in Print MIS solutions, has announced that its award-winning Avanti Slingshot will be the first print MIS to integrate seamlessly with California-based MarcomCentral’s JobDirect Plus. The integration facilitates job submission through the online portal, providing real-time status for each job in process.

The companies added that the collective power of these two solutions enables printers to easily bolster overall efficiency, reduce “islands of automation,” and eliminate breakpoints in the workflow – all while giving their customers an easy and effective way to digitally build and customize printing orders.

Patrick Bolan.

Avanti Slingshot enables printers to work more efficiently, control costs and move jobs through a shop without delays. JobDirect Plus helps translate production capabilities directly to the customer, reducing disruptions for one-time submissions. The integration with Avanti Slingshot manages crucial back-end processes such as reporting, estimating, imposition, inventory management, scheduling, shipping, billing and more, into a single, streamlined workflow.

“The success of today’s print and marketing service providers hinges increasingly on their ability to automate all facets of the print shop while maintaining a meaningful relationship with their customers,” said Patrick Bolan, President and CEO of Avanti. “Integrating Avanti Slingshot with JobDirect Plus provides a simple and intuitive way to do that through a customizable online portal that drives a fully-automated production workflow.”

Coleman Kane.
Coleman Kane.

MarcomCentral’s JobDirect Plus is a SaaS-based solution that provides a simple and intuitive way for print providers to engage with customers through a customizable online portal that drives a fully-automated production workflow. Using a sleek and contemporary user interface, customers can visually build their products on-the-fly, specify an array of features and finishing options, preview their submissions live, and submit them online through virtually any application.

“Ad-hoc job submissions are on the rise, and today’s print providers are looking for ways to manage them easily and efficiently,” said Coleman Kane, CEO and President of MarcomCentral. “By integrating the proven advantages of Avanti Slingshot’s print MIS platform with the powerful yet easy-to-use capabilities of MarcomCentral’s JobDirect Plus, we’re providing the best solution to serve this dynamic, growing market.” The integration capability is available immediately.


Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.