Azonprinter releases DTS Grande for printing on leather

Azon DTS Grande Printer.
Azon DTS Grande Printer.

Azonprinter (Zagreb, Croatia) has unveiled its DTS Grande, characterizing it as “a new, revolutionary direct-to-substrate inkjet printer.” Designed specifically for leather printing, this digital all-purpose flatbed printer can produce sharp full-colour prints quickly and economically. It can accommodate high-volume printing with a printable surface area of 600 mm x 750 mm, and features 1,440-dpi resolution and a wide colour range for the most demanding leather applications. Printing up to 100 mm in height allows printing of finished leather items as well as non-tailored leather pieces. Long-lasting, full-colour prints can be produced on any type of leather including animal, vinyl, artificial, suede, etc.

The Azon DTS Grande features 1,440-dpi resolution and printing up to 100 mm in height.
The Azon DTS Grande features 1,440-dpi resolution and printing up to 100 mm high.

The DTS Grande’s integrated platform for changing the surface tension of the material, represents an innovation in the leather-printing market, said the OEM. While UV ink-based printing solutions leave ink on the material’s surface and have a tendency to crack, this technology delivers maximum ink adhesion. “Materials retain their natural elasticity and achieve high-quality industrial standards with vibrancy and longevity of printed colours,” said the company. The technology allows images to be printed directly on a wide range of materials and objects directly from a digital file with superb ink adhesion. The Azon DTS Grande allows designers and manufacturers to create unique custom leather items one piece at a time – or output large production runs such as footwear, furniture, book covers, car seat covers, clothing, accessories and more. Primary users include interior decorators, architects, fashion designers and commercial printers.

Azonprinter is an international company with headquarters in Croatia, and has over 25 years’ experience in manufacturing a wide variety of equipment for the sign and printing industry. All of its printers promote eco-friendly green technology and the company has over 80 distributors worldwide.



Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.