Fujifilm and Alfa CTP partner to deliver powerful printing plate technology to newspapers

Fujifilm Superia Plates.
Fujifilm Superia Ecomaxx-T Plates.

Fujifilm North America’s Graphic Systems Division has announced a new collaboration with Alfa CTP Systems which was “inspired by a collective desire for more efficient and environmentally safe options to produce high quality offset printing plates for newspaper printers throughout the Americas.”

Fujifilm North America Graphic Systems Division and Alfa CTP have agreed to sales-and-support cooperation combining Fujifilm plate technology (such as Fujifilm’s Superia Ecomaxx-T, a no-process thermal plate), with Alfa CTP’s range of Accelero Thermal Computer-to-Plate machines.

Alfa Accelero CTP System.
Alfa Accelero CTP System.

For those transitioning from a traditional ‘wet’ violet, UV or thermal process, the Fujifilm no-process plate and Alfa CTP eliminate the need for plate processors and all of the attendant costs of ownership, operation and maintenance. The result is a clean, dry, high quality plate with no processor to clean, and no chemistry to handle or dispose of.

Additionally, an Accelero platesetter has been installed at Fujifilm’s Chicago Technology Center to showcase this innovation during hands-on demonstrations. Sample plates will be available to customers within the newspaper industry to test and see first-hand, the benefits of this collaborative technology.


Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.