Global Vision introduces all-in-one Quality Control Platform

Global Vision (Montreal), a world leader in the design and delivery of innovative automated proofreading technologies, has announced its new and improved all-in-one Quality Control Platform. Calling the technology “streamlined and more efficient than ever,” it’s designed to keep businesses error-free. This is the first time Global Vision technologies have been combined into a single, unified application for desktop deployment. It gives clients easy access to every intuitive Global Vision inspection tool while removing unnecessary steps and reducing downtime. This first generation of its updated proofreading solution includes a range of key improvements – from using Adobe as a PDF generation engine, to improved support for colour separations, to a side-by-side view for graphics’ inspection. “At GlobalVision, we constantly strive to help clients make their businesses more efficient and profitable. That’s exactly why we took a hard look inward as well as seeking client feedback,” said the company. “As a result, we’ve revolutionized our existing products to better serve our clients’ needs. Without our clients, who inspire us to improve each and every day with their generous feedback and support, this milestone would not have been possible.”


Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.