Cascades installs Jeti Tauro H2500 with ABF from Agfa Graphics Canada

Cascades' Jean-Philippe Maurais (Plant Manager) with Pia-Maria Dorcal (Production Manager) and their new Agfa Jeti Tauro H2500.
Cascades’ Jean-Philippe Maurais (Plant Manager) with Pia-Maria Dorcal (Production Manager) and the Agfa Jeti Tauro H2500.

Cascades (Victoriaville, Québec) has invested in a new Jeti Tauro H2500 with Automatic Board Feeder (ABF) from Agfa Graphics Canada (Mississauga, Ontario). Founded in 1964, Cascades researches, produces, converts and markets packaging and tissue products composed mainly of recycled fibres. The company has 11,000 employees who work in about 90 production centres located in Canada, the U.S. and Europe. Its products are aimed at four major industry sectors – manufacturing, construction and renovation, movers and transport, and printing and binding. For the latter category, its corrugated cardboard boxes are a leading choice of printers looking for ecological and dependable packaging solutions. FSC‑certified and recycled, Cascades’ numerous other multi-board products are also extremely popular. In addition, the company provides recyclable material recovery programs for the printing, packaging and converting industries.

The Jeti Tauro is a 2.5-metre-wide, high-end hybrid six-colour UV inkjet printer – plus white or primer. Featuring extremely vivid printing, speeds up to 275 m² per hour, and multiple automation options, it “sets new print quality and productivity standards on all kinds of media.” The H2500 features continuous and automated feeding of rigid media as well as an integrated roll-to-roll system for flexible media. It produces high-quality results for both indoor and outdoor applications, prints to widths up to 2.54 metres and can accommodate rigid media up to 4 metres in length. Driven by Asanti workflow optimized to work with Agfa’s high-pigment UV-inks, the wide-format printer is ideally suited to the quality and productivity demands of high-end sign and display printers.

The Ricoh printheads of the Jeti Tauro are equally divided over eight colour bars. Accurate dot positioning is achieved via precise mechanical mounting of the heads, as well as smart-drop formation and velocity control. High productivity levels are due in part to the 32 fast-firing Ricoh Gen5 heads, each with four nozzle rows and two colours per head. Agfa’s fast-curing inks work in harmony with these printheads, resulting in high productivity levels while maintaining superior and repeatable print quality. The Jeti Tauro comes standard with manual media loading tables that are ideal for smaller runs. It’s possible to load boards in one continuous flow for maximum efficiency and productivity.

One key feature of the installation at Cascades in Victoriaville is the Jeti Tauro’s Automatic Board Feeding (ABF). For larger runs (or runs with multiple stacks of boards), the automatic feeding and unloading system further boosts productivity. When upgraded with the ABF, the printer can process up to four stacks of boards automatically, thus reducing downtime and increasing production efficiency via higher throughput. While one set of boards is being printed, the next can already be prepared on the ABF by the operator. Parallel board printing of up to four boards is possible. Depending on the media size, number of boards and print mode, the use of the ABF can result in productivity gains from 20%-30% compared to manual feeding.


Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.