Informco earns 2016 Sonora Plate Green Leaf Award for Canada

From left are Kodak’s Todd Bigger, Mike Halliwell, Sandy Stephens (Informco), Jeff Clarke, Brad Kruchten and Greg Running.
From left are Kodak’s Todd Bigger, Mike Halliwell, Sandy Stephens (Informco), Jeff Clarke, Brad Kruchten and Greg Running.

Kodak has announced that Toronto-based Informco has received the 2016 Sonora Plate Green Leaf Award for Canada. “Beyond their use of Sonora Process Free Plates, Informco has long exemplified what it means to be a servant of the environment,” said Kodak. Informco has been an ISO 14001 certified company for 18 years. Its Environmental Management System enables the company to set and achieve environmental policy objectives. Progress is monitored throughout the year and used to set goals for the following year. Informco also monitors its energy, water consumption and VOC emissions, and has made significant reductions in all of these areas.

In addition, Informco recycles packaging, chemicals, ink, paper, electronic components, plates, web cores, scrap metal and more. They also use printing supplies that have less impact on the environment – such as vegetable-based inks, alcohol-free solvents and FSC paper. The firm includes environmental performance in its marketing efforts and was the first printer in Canada to win the CCME (Canadian Council of the Ministers of the Environment) Pollution Prevention Award in 2002. Informco joins seven other printers from around the globe in winning the 2016 Sonora Plate Green Leaf Award. The company specializes in integrated communications solutions across a broad range of industries that streamline clients’ processes, reduce costs and grow their business. Informco can also design, print or email, fulfill and distribute virtually any type of communication a company may require – from marketing materials, prospecting programs and client communication mailings, to customer up-selling and cross-selling programs, as well as integrated campaigns.

The award is named for Kodak Sonora Process Free Plates, which yield dramatic environmental and economic benefits for customers without sacrificing printing quality and output. Sonora Plates remove the need for the plate processor – which requires chemicals, water and energy while generating waste. The results for printers worldwide are significant energy, water and waste reductions. For the past few years, Kodak has seen tremendous growth for this breakthrough product. The company secured its 1,800th customer worldwide in December of 2014. At that time in Canada and the U.S., customer adoption was growing at a 400% rate. In its most mature market, Europe, growth topped 200% annually at that time.




Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.