SoOpak launches customer loyalty program

YaJun (Carol) Jiang.
YaJun (Carol) Jiang.

SoOpak, a leading North American short-run offset packaging specialist, has added a new loyalty incentive program. “We’re excited to launch this unique program to our loyal customers and potential new clients,” said YaJun (Carol) Jiang, President of SoOpak. “We’re investing in a free, easy-to-use platform that will encourage our customers to become inspired by the trendiest packaging ideas, receive expert advice from our customer support team, and interact with others. We take great pride in being specialized leaders in the short-run offset packaging market. This new initiative displays our keen leadership skills and shows how progressive and disruptive we are in the market.”

Among its benefits is the ability for current and potential customers to seamlessly interact with SoOpak, track their job status, check their reward status, verify quote history and order history, confirm available credits and change their personal information. Benefits include special rewards such as free die-line design, free CAD sample, free mock-up, rush orders and year-end cash back. Members will earn SoOpak reward points depending on their membership status after placing box orders. Membership is divided into five different levels according to sales qualifications. Reward points can be redeemed in the future, reducing order value and/or acting as credits.

SoOpak samples.
Various SoOpak short-run samples.

Current customers and potential clients who have previously signed up for an online account have been automatically registered into the loyalty program’s membership. They’ll receive regular email updates going forward. New users can sign up for the loyalty program by registering an online account . Potential customers can also sign up for the loyalty program via their social media accounts (e.g., facebook, LinkedIn, google+).

SoOpak is a leading manufacturer of short-run package production starting at 100 pieces. The company offers end-to-end custom packaging solutions for a variety of industries – including food, cosmetics, packaging goods, and electronics – incorporating unique shapes, sizes and styles to meet a variety of product demands.


Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.