Esko announces Luxion KeyShot Integration with Studio for photo-realistic rendering of packaging

Esko has announced that its Studio software will now include integration with the 3D real-time rendering application KeyShot from Luxion. Because of the integration, Esko Studio now improves the appearance of physical goods such as plastics, liquids, metals and glass for realistic pack shots. “This solution provides the best of both worlds for brand owners and pre-media – print modeling plus realistic, high-resolution rendering in a short amount of time,” said Esko. All print modeling is done by Studio, while KeyShot handles non-printable materials and final renderings. Studio includes patented print modeling technology directly within Adobe Illustrator, making it easy to quickly decide on any number of print and finishing effects and packaging-specific substrates. KeyShot provides drag-and-drop materials, environment and lighting capabilities in a real-time interface – to create high-quality visuals extremely fast throughout the package development process.

Thomas Teger.
Thomas Teger.

“We’re very excited about this partnership with Esko,” said Thomas Teger, Vice President of Products & Strategy at Luxion. “KeyShot creates fast, accurate and amazing visuals in a real-time workflow, reducing design and approval times. Esko Studio users can now enjoy enhanced renderings, including scientifically accurate material and environment presets, advanced material editing, and animation for the most accurate product, sales and marketing visuals.”

Wim Fransen, Director Interactive Application Software at Esko, added: “With this integration, Studio customers will enjoy an easy-to-use workflow for creating photo-realistic pack shots. Together, Studio and KeyShot will save both time and money as realistic pack shots can be created before the packaging is produced, eliminating the need for expensive photo shoots of the final printed packaging.”


Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.