Capital Colour installs RMGT 9 Series Press from KBR Graphics Canada

The press is the first of its kind installed in Western Canada.
The RMGT 9 Series Press is the first of its kind installed in Western Canada.

Capital Colour, a full-service printing company based in Edmonton, Alberta, has invested in an RMGT 9 Series Offset Press manufactured by RYOBI MHI Graphic Technology (RMGT) and purchased through Canadian distributor KBR Graphics Canada (Laval, Quebec). Since its recent installation, the company has already begun to see major advantages and gains. Capital Colour purchased the RMGT 920ST5+LED+CUV 5-colour sheetfed offset press with both Panasonic LED UV instant ink curing and Grafix HiCure UV coating systems. The press is the first of its kind installed in Western Canada running with both LED UV ink curing and HiCure UV coating systems. The LED UV instant ink curing and conventional UV coating systems allows Capital Colour to now offer instantly cured and scuff-free inks on a wide range of super-high-gloss stocks, and also provide other special-effect coatings to add value to their client’s projects. “We’re the epitome of a commercial printer,” said Brian Todd, President of Capital Colour. “Most of the work we’re doing is marketing materials – magazines, booklets, brochures, flyers, etc. – and probably 85% of our work is 4-colour process. The LED UV curing has already saved our bacon several times,” Todd added. “We’ve literally taken a job off the press and immediately started cutting and putting it into bindery. Normally, we would have had to wait half a day or even overnight to touch those jobs. In addition to turning jobs around much faster, LED UV instant ink curing has provided the ability to print without heat, odour or spray powder.”

The decision-making process to purchase the RMGT 9 Series Press was extensive. Todd wanted to be sure it was the right fit for his business. “When I started looking at presses, I’ll be honest, I was looking at staying in the mid-sized sheet range,” he noted, explaining that he swore he would never invest in a full-size, 40-inch press. “We’ve been a successful mid-size sheet printer since day one, but this press was very unique. And when we started really looking at the numbers, no supplier other than RMGT had a machine in North America that could compete with that size and price range.” The RMGT 9 Series Press, Todd said, allows his shop to compete on most of the work that would usually require a 40-inch press, without actually having to invest the money or the space in such equipment. He noted that the shop has already been able to produce work in-house that they previously would have either not bid on at all, or would have outsourced to one of their competitors in the market. Previously, Capital Colour ran a maximum sheet size of 20″ x 28.” Now they’re capable of printing on a maximum sheet size of 25″ x 36” – a significant advantage since this permits them more multiple-ups on a single sheet than on their former equipment. Capital Colour was able to replace their two half-size presses with the one 8-up RMGT 9 Series Offset Press.

Karl Belafi Jr.
Karl Belafi Jr.

KBR Graphics Canada, a founding member of Graphic Systems North America, is the exclusive Canadian distributor of RMGT presses. “This has been an amazing partnership for us,” said Karl Belafi Jr., Vice President of KBR Graphics, “We worked with Capital Colour for about two years, making sure we got them the exact machine in the exact configuration to meet their needs — both today, and where they want to go in the future. We’re honoured to be part of their story, and we are looking forward to continuing to serve them for many years to come.”

GSNA is a group of six factory-authorized sales and service centers for RMGT that serve commercial printers, offset packaging converters and in-plant printers in Canada and the U.S. Formed in July of 2013, with regional offices and multiple demonstration centers across Canada and the U.S. Today, the GSNA group constitutes the single largest offset press sales and service team in North America.



Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.