Color-Logic develops anti-counterfeiting techniques for brands

Color-Logic's new anti-counterfeiting technology.Using digital print and variable metallic data, Color-Logic’s colour palette technology now enables its licensees to offer variable metallic data on digital presses, providing brands of all sizes with not only personalization, but a primary level of anti-counterfeiting security as well. Traditionally, when printing onto a metallic substrate, the designer must create a manual white-ink separation to block out areas of the print that wish to remain in CMYK. However, this method of separation restricts users to variable data in CMYK only. Now, the Color-Logic Design Suite, when worked in association with variable-data tools like XMPie or HP Smart Stream Designer, can empower brands with basic anti-counterfeiting features in metallic. “And because the Color-Logic system eliminates the necessity for manual white-ink masking, every label, carton, shrink sleeve, coupon, or marketing piece printed on a reflective substrate, can now include unique variable metallic features,” said the company.

Color-Logic’s award-winning technology consistently enables brands to impart the “wow” factor to their products, while providing faster time-to-market, more economical press runs and eye-catching effects when using white and CMYK ink sets on digital presses.


Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.