Fujifilm Dimatix S-Mems technology coming to scanning applications with Samba GMA

Fujifilm Dimatix-Samba GL3 Printhead.
The Dimatix-Samba GL3 Printhead.

Fujifilm Dimatix, a world-leading supplier of drop-on-demand inkjet printheads, has announced innovations within its Samba Printhead line. The improvements “build upon a long and innovative history of providing industrial printheads that deliver excellent dot placement accuracy, channel-to-channel uniformity, low crosstalk and high frequency/high productivity” with their Samba printheads. Fujifilm Dimatix will soon have available GMA products based on Si-Mems technology, along with the Samba G3L (single-pass focus) Printhead. The Samba GMA is a compact, low-voltage, full-silicon Mems printhead designed for scanning applications such as textile, indoor signage, soft (dye sub) signage and high quality UV printing. Based on state-of-the-art silicon micro-electro-mechanical systems manufacturing (Si-Mems), Samba GMA printheads “are the most advanced technology available today,” said the OEM. With 384 individually addressable nozzles, the Samba GMA 33 Printhead has a native 300-dpi resolution and a native ink-drop size of 5 picolitres, delivering outstanding print quality that can jet a wide range of fluids including UV curable, solvent and aqueous inks. Other features include RediJet continuous ink recirculation, VersaDrop multi-level grayscale plus multi-drop and fixed-drop sizes in binary mode, robust design, high-speed operation, and multiple ink capabilities.

Through continuous ink recirculation directly behind the nozzle and several innovations – including nozzle plate design, specialized nozzle plate geometry, and waveforms tailored to specific fluids known as RediJet – this process unlocks the full productive potential of the Samba GMA Printhead. RediJet allows the printheads to be quickly and easily primed, resulting in faster time to print, minimal ink waste and greater reliability. Fujifilm Dimatix’ breakthrough VersaDrop jetting technology allows multiple fixed-drop sizes in binary mode and greyscale capability from one printhead, with no loss to productivity. In binary operating mode, the Samba GMA printhead ejects adjustable drop sizes from 5 to 18 picolitres, and can support greyscale levels as defined by the user’s control electronics.

“The speed, precision and scalability of the Samba GMA platform sets a new standard for scanning printer designs, providing significantly expanded capabilities that system developers will need to meet the requirements of high-speed, high-image-quality printing,” said Terry O’Keeffe, Strategic Customer Support Manager, Fujifilm Dimatix.



Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.