GSE unveils remote ink management software

GSE Ink manager features a mobile app that offers remote data-entry and access to real-time information.
GSE’s Ink Manager features a mobile app for remote data-entry and real-time information access.

Netherlands-based GSE’s new ink management software dispensing equipment and proofing solutions enable label and packaging printers to reduce costs throughout the workflow and achieve repeatable colour on demand. GSE’s Ink Manager is a comprehensive ink-management solution that eliminates all aspects of ink-related waste, said the company. The new software solution offers optimized ink yields through recycling press ink returns – as well as improved connectivity, mobility and reporting capabilities. Features include a modern user interface offering ease of use and extensive search functionalities, a job list separating work preparation and ink production, and a web interface for seamless integration with other applications – such as ink formulation, management information and cloud software.

The GSE Ink Manager is supported by mobile apps that allow remote data-entry and access to real-time information. This is made possible via a Wi-Fi connection to the ink dispenser. GSE Ink Manager also facilitates collection, analysis and presentation of ink-related business information. The operator can view recipe data and ink costs related to each job and store new colour specifications for easy recall when jobs are repeated. The software also facilitates ingredient tracking through the supply chain by storing ink batch data regarding every job.

GSE’s Colorsat modular dispensing systems for flexo, gravure and screen processes, mix and dispense inks to precise quality and quantity specifications in minutes. Benefits, said the company, are reduced set-up times, ink-yield improvements of over 30% (because of easy re-use of press-return inks), a cleaner colour mixing environment, and better stock management.


GSE Ink manager features a mobile app that offers remote data-entry and access to real-time information.


Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.