Roland DGA introduces HeatSoft Satin Media for heat transfer applications

T-shirt sample using HeatSoft Satin media.

Roland DGA has added new HeatSoft Satin (ESM-HTMS) to its existing line of high quality media. HeatSoft Satin is an inkjet-printable, polyurethane media that images “beautifully” and is extremely easy to work with – making it ideal for a wide range of heat-transfer applications. The new product weeds easily and transfers effortlessly to the transfer mask, even without the use of a squeegee. With its semi-gloss finish, HeatSoft Satin can be transferred to cotton, polyester and poly-blend materials to create customized apparel and accessories with a desirable “screen print” sheen and a “soft hand.” HeatSoft Satin has also earned CPSIA certification, providing assurance that it’s safe for use in the production of apparel and products for children 12 years of age or younger.

HeatSoft Satin also offers outstanding durability, said the company. Capable of withstanding up to 25 wash cycles, it delivers decorated apparel that’s not only attractive, but also made to last. “Introducing this new media to our HeatSoft family will further expand the material options available to end users to better meet their specific needs,” said Lily Hunter, Roland DGA’s Product Manager of Textiles and Consumables. Available in 75-foot rolls with 54-inch, 30-inch and 20-inch widths, it can be purchased through authorized Roland DGA resellers, or via the Roland DGA online store.


Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.