Calgary’s First on Colour adds to Ricoh fleet with Pro C9110 installation

First on Colour’s Ayako Plante (left) and José Bill beside the new Ricoh Pro C9110.
First on Colour’s Ayako Plante (left) and José Bill, beside the new Ricoh Pro C9110.

First on Colour, a full-service printing company located in Calgary, Alberta, has invested in the Ricoh Pro C7110X, Ricoh Pro 8100 – and most recently the Ricoh Pro C9110. With the help of Ricoh Canada, First on Colour is now equipped with the latest technology that provides “effective print solutions for any business need.” The 27.5” banner-size print feature on both the Ricoh Pro C7110X and Pro C9110 has proven to be the biggest advantage of the install, according to First on Colour, as it has saved both time and money overall for the company. Another key feature on the Pro C9110 is its ability to auto duplex 13” x 27.5” sheets, which is ideal for multi-ups on a page. First on Colour print operators are also taking advantage of the Trained Customer Replaceable Units (TCRUs) on the Ricoh systems that make it easier for them to maintain maximum uptime, which is critical in production print environments.

In addition to the Ricoh advanced technology, Shelly Tupper, co-owner of First on Colour, added that Ricoh’s servicing team does a great job of “removing layers of administration,” making the entire installation support processes smooth. The ease of use of the Ricoh printing technology was key when transitioning equipment within her business, thanks in part to the EFI/Fiery controller and software used on the Ricoh Pro systems. Overall, stepping up to Ricoh technology has been a seamless experience for her company, she added. The Ricoh Pro C9110 can accommodate a wider range of media stocks (from 52 gsm to 400 gsm) with duplex printing. It can also produce two-sided specialty and oversized projects up to 27.5” long, print on specialty media (including super-gloss, metallic, coated, transparent and other synthetics), and can also achieve superior transfer on textured media (even vellums and linens), via its elastic transfer belt and advanced toner transfer technology.


Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.