Dalim ES earns 10 Core Certified digital asset management system credentials

Germany-based Dalim Software, developers of scalable software solutions for the creation, production and management of cross-media content, has announced that Dalim ES has received 10 Core Certification by former principals of the DAM Foundation Board. Dalim ES (Enterprise Solution) is a collaborative digital asset and production tracking solution that extends the productivity of any digital asset management system (including its own), making project management, collaboration and review of files easier and faster, thus reducing time to market. It serves all participants in the production cycle – including brand owners, content creators, agencies, publishers, pre-media, printers and multi-channel service providers. It’s widely accepted in the industry that 10 Core Certification represents an elite status and acknowledges that a system satisfies the minimum ten characteristic requirements for a successful Digital Asset Management (DAM) system. According to the guidelines originally set by the DAM Foundation Board, DAM systems must be able to successfully achieve the following 10 requirements:

  • Ingest assets individually or in mass sets, and allow for the manipulation of those assets and their metadata individually or with mass actions.
  • Secure the assets they contain. Security in a DAM extends to defining Access Control Lists (ACLs) for assets and defining roles for users accessing the system.
  • Store assets as both binaries and metadata. A DAM system can store multiple file types.
  • Render/transform assets on ingest into new forms, such as thumbnails or proxy files.
  • Enrich assets through the extension of metadata and metrics regarding the use and reuse of the asset throughout its lifecycle.
  • Relate assets by tracking the relationships between and among an original asset and versions/variants of the original.
  • Regulate a structured process in the management, creation and review of assets with workflow tools.
  • Allow for users to find assets and to retrieve those assets by facilitating searches through metadata, collections, workflows and access control tools.
  • Have a preview function that allows users to view assets before downloading or opening a file on their own device.
  • Produce/publish content by providing methods whereby assets may be shared, linked to, or otherwise distributed outside the system.
Frédéric Sanuy.
Frédéric Sanuy.

“It is sometimes a challenge to explain and specifically demonstrate the ways a DAM should fit the needs of customers,” said Frédéric Sanúy, Director of Marketing at Dalim Software GmbH. “The DAM Foundation and Marc Davey from IQ Equity created a terrific test scenario covering all the customer challenges using a selection of files – images, video, office documents within metadata, etc. During the two hours we demonstrated Dalim ES to certify the 10 Core DAM features, we were able to reveal even more. For example, we highlighted the capabilities of our Dialogue Engine DAM softproofing engine, the workflow management, and the Dalim ES connectors – for example, Adobe plugins, CMS, online editing and archiving. Dalim ES clearly fulfilled all the 10 Core features, but more importantly operates where Enterprise Workflows Meets Enterprise DAM,” Sanúy added.”


Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.