Infigo announces Enfocus partnership to deliver improved automation benefits

UK-based Infigo Software has announced its OEM partnership with Enfocus, enabling the company to offer its customers even more time-saving and profitable print management solutions to meet their e-commerce needs. This “game-changing partnership” means customers of Infigo’s Catfish platform can combine the best PDF quality control with a streamlined workflow for producing more accurate, print-ready files. The Enfocus PitStop software provides a powerful tool that analyzes artwork automatically for errors, flags items to be addressed, and can even auto-correct – saving time and manual input and ensuring accuracy in any output that requires a PDF. The partnership also means that Infigo Catfish customers can license the Enfocus preflight and correction functionality as a cost-effective, add-on option in Catfish that Infigo will support as part of an end-to-end solution. The newly-integrated solution enables customers to submit error-free, print-ready files automatically through the cloud-based Infigo Software Catfish e-commerce platform. By integrating Enfocus PitStop with Infigo Catfish, it’s possible to automate every aspect of artwork management into a single workflow – from design and proofing to preflighting, printing and archiving – thus reducing the risk for human error. Users can even update artwork within Infigo’s design tool (MegaEdit) once it’s been verified by Enfocus PitStop – eliminating the need to go back to a designer to update a PDF.

Douglas Gibson.
Douglas Gibson.

Douglas Gibson, Managing Director, Infigo Software added: “We’ve been focused on creating new and exciting automation partnerships because we recognize that automation is key for businesses to future-proof their operations. This latest integration with the brilliant Enfocus PitStop software streamlines artwork management and preflighting, creating genuine cost and process efficiencies. Our business is built with customers at the heart, so we continually look for opportunities to provide added-value solutions that delight our clients and boost their ability to acquire, retain and build loyalty with their end users.”

Angelo Manno.
Angelo Manno

“We’re delighted to welcome Infigo Software as an OEM Partner,” said Angelo Manno, Global OEM & Strategic Accounts Manager at Enfocus. “Enfocus PitStop is the ideal PDF preflight and correction solution for businesses in a vast array of verticals, and this is true for Infigo’s Catfish e-commerce solution too. So it was a natural fit to bring these two powerful solutions together. We’ve been impressed by Infigo’s innovative and customer-centric operation. This integration will enable its clients to work smarter. The Enfocus PitStop solution delivers a real competitive advantage through the automation and artwork accuracy it enables, and Infigo’s customers will reap the rewards very quickly.” The integrated solution is now available to Infigo’s new and existing clients.


Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.