Inkjet Ready! releases agenda for August 9 and 10 virtual conference on production inkjet technology

Inkjet Ready!, from the Printing Industries of America, aims to take the guesswork out of investing in production inkjet technology – one of the fastest growing segments in the printing industry today. On Wednesday, August 9 and Thursday, August 10, you can log into a virtual conference from the convenience of your home or office to hear from production inkjet experts and six printing companies that have already taken the plunge into production inkjet. A new topic will be introduced each hour and will include an introduction or case study video (10 minutes), a topic presentation by a printing expert (20 minutes), panel discussion and Q&A (20 minutes) and a short break before the next topic (5 minutes). Here are the agenda details:


Frank Romano.
Frank Romano.

Noon–12:50 pm: Applications and Adoption Rate with Frank Romano

Where does high-speed inkjet currently stand – and where is it going? In this Applications and Adoption session, we examine where high-speed inkjet is successfully being used in various market segments and uncover current statistics that include adoption rates and future purchasing decisions.

David Zwang.
David Zwang.

12:56–1:00 pm: Cohber Case Study Video

1–1:50 pm: Investing in High-Speed Inkjet: What You Need to Know with David Zwang

Investing in high-speed inkjet requires a great deal of research, diligent product testing, and a solid go-to-market strategy. We will uncover the important questions you should be asking yourself and your vendor, provide recommendations for product testing, and share successes and challenges with new installations.

1:56–2 pm: Heeter Direct Case Study Video

2–2:50 pm: Calculating Ownership Costs and ROI with Joe Polanco

When it comes to calculating ROI, there are the obvious costs (equipment, consumables, etc.) – but what about those hidden costs? Joe Polanco will reveal the analysis required to determine the financial viability of an inkjet investment and the underlying costs that you should consider.

2:56–3:00 pm: Henry Wurst Case Study Video

3–3:50 pm: Evaluating Technology and Format Choices with Noel Ward

With the high-speed inkjet choices available, which has the best features suited for your application? We will cover the technology choices currently available – everything from format to sheet size, inkjet heads to substrate capabilities – to help you make a more informed decision.

Catherine Cartolano.
Catherine Cartolano.


Noon–12:50 pm: Substrates and Ink with Catherine Cartolano

This session delves into substrate selection as well as ink compatibility. We will also examine paper selection, compatibility, and cost considerations. Equally important, the differences in ink costs, availability, consumption, and performance will be discussed.

12:56–1:00 pm: Wright Printing Case Study Video

1–1:50 pm: Finishing Work with Ray Hartman

Ink on paper is just the half of it. How are you going to finish those beautiful sheets you’ve just printed on your high-speed inkjet press? Ray Hartman explores finishing and the options available to in-line and near-line considerations.

1:56–2:00 pm: Allied Case Study Video

2–2:50 pm: Operational Considerations with David Zwang

Now you’re thinking about operations – things like staff skill requirements and crew size. Giving yourself time to ramp up is key, and David Zwang joins us again to moderate a sponsor panel of experts that will give answers to these very important questions – and more.

2:56–3 pm: AdMailCase Study Video

Frank Kanonik.
Frank Kanonik.

3–3:50 pm: Transitioning Work to Your New Inkjet Press with Frank Kanonik

Kanonik will discuss what is realistic from a business standpoint—and what to expect – in the first weeks and months of implementing your inkjet press completely into your operation.

3:56–4 pm: Bennett Graphics Case Study Video

4–4:50 pm: Enhancing Print with Inkjet with Howie Fenton

Inkjet technology goes far beyond printed images on paper. Integrating decorative finishing effects stimulates us not only visually, but also physically through touch. In this session, we will examine the business justification and profit potential of these solutions, along with the options available to make it happen.


Stay for the full event or come and go as your schedule permits. You’ll be able to come back and access the full recording at a later date and interact with your peers through Inkjet Ready’s online resource centre. For more information, including pricing and discounts, please visit


Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.