C.J. Graphics becomes first printer worldwide to acquire Xerox iGen 5 digital presses with complete set of available features

Xerox iGen5 Digital Press.
Xerox iGen5 Digital Press.

Toronto’s C.J. Graphics, Canada’s most award-winning commercial printing and graphic arts companies, is taking digital printing to the next level with the first installation, globally, of ‘fully-loaded’ Xerox iGen 5 Digital Presses. “The new iGen 5 technology has been characterized a game-changer with revolutionary capabilities. This includes matte toner, extended gamut to achieve up to 93% of reproducible PMS colours (with orange, blue, green, white and clear dry ink), and 24-point thick stock kit,” said Jay Mandarino, CEO and President of C.J. Graphics. “The iGen 5 is fast, and with the new features you’re only limited by your imagination. We’re proud to be the first in the world to have the complete set of features to deliver more value to our clients.” Mandarino added that the new Xerox iGen 5 Press works at production speed, delivering advantages such as more design flexibility, increased efficiency and faster time-to-market.

Jay Mandarino, President and CEO of C.J. Graphics Group, with Jeff Jacobson, Chief Executive Officer of Xerox.
Jay Mandarino (left), President and CEO of C.J. Graphics Group, and Jeff Jacobson, CEO of Xerox, celebrate the first-ever installation at Print 17.

“We’re now able to produce arresting products, in-house and on-demand, with the many new effects of this digital technology that traditional presses can’t achieve,” Mandarino added. In addition, CJ Graphics has acquired an Epic coater CTi-635 inline coating system equipped with a C.P. Bourg BSFE-x Sheet Feeder. This new technology will allow for spot and overall Aqueous and UV coatings.

Today, thousands of Xerox iGen Presses are creating billions of high-quality, high-margin sales brochures, posters, photo books, packaging and pieces of direct mail – often personalized and always vibrant in colour, said the OEM. “The Xerox iGen 5 Press is built to serve the changing world of print and aims to help print shops seize market opportunities through automation, integrated print workflows, a fifth colour station and the option to swap in White Dry Ink for specialty effects. These features provide commercial printers with the power to meet demand and grow quickly,”  Xerox added.

Here’s a video stream from the recent Print 17 tradeshow on the landmark purchase.


Mandarino is also founder of the not-for-profit C.J. Skateboard Park in Toronto. Here are two inspiring videos about that philanthropic effort.



In other news, The C.J. Group of Companies recently merged with Annan & Sons (Toronto). Owners Paul and John Annan, along with several staffers, will move into C.J. Graphics’ new Mississauga location at the end of October and will be overseeing the management of their division. John Annan will be added to C.J. Graphics’ management team.


Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.