GSE re-launches website to strengthen focus on lean ink logistics for packaging, label and textile printers

GSE Ink manager features a mobile app that offers remote data-entry and access to real-time information.
The GSE Ink Manager features a mobile app that offers remote data-entry and access to real-time information.

GSE, a global provider of ink logistics solutions for the packaging, label and textile industries, has re-launched its website, reflecting the company’s renewed focus on turnkey solutions for assuring quality and eliminating ink-related waste in the workflow and supply chain. Since its establishment over 40 years ago, GSE has built an installation base of over 1,700 ink-dispensing and proofing systems with integration software among users of flexo, gravure and screen processes. The company is based in the Netherlands, with subsidiary GSE Dispensing located in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Maarten Hummelen.
Maarten Hummelen.

However, as GSE’s Marketing Director Maarten Hummelen explained, the company’s offerings have expanded to meet the demands of an increasingly service-oriented value chain. “Shorter production runs, tighter quality controls and more stringent safety and environmental legislation have made minimizing set-up times, standardization of processes and traceability a priority. In response, GSE’s services have extended to advice, implementation and support programs for every stage of the customer relationship – as well as solutions for tackling waste in its widest sense. Besides efficient ink consumption, this includes reducing costs related to time, materials, tools, techniques, people and space.”

Website visitors can learn about a wide range of GSE services such as installation plans, training and support, from a global network of service partners. The new website also places special focus on how GSE technologies contribute to a ‘lean’ manufacturing environment and tackle eight types of waste, comprising overproduction, transport, defects, inventory, motion, over-processing, waiting and talent. “More than high-performance equipment alone is needed to stay competitive. Managing and improving ink logistics is not a one-off project, but a continuous process,” Hummelen added. “Our customers are reaping the benefits of this long-term approach which, in many cases, has resulted in cost reductions of up to 30%.”


Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.