Presstek partners with Southern Lithoplate

Presstek (Nashua, NH), a leading provider of eco-friendly printing solutions, has entered into an agreement with North-Carolina-based Southern Lithoplate (SLP) to sell certain assets related to its CTP portfolio of wet offset thermal and violet plate products – including Nytro, GemPlate, GemPlate HC, NuVio and HSUV. Presstek will continue its long-standing commitment to deliver on its core product portfolio which includes DI digital offset presses, Anthem Elite and Dimension Thermal CTP, JT-Inkjet CTP, Zahara waterless plates, associated consumables, as well as global service support for pre-press, press, and post-press equipment.

Yuval Dubois.
Yuval Dubois.

“This transaction will allow Presstek to focus on its core product lines while enabling the business to leverage this core into higher growth end markets,” said Yuval Dubois, Presstek’s President and CEO. Trip Casson, SLP’s Chairman and CEO, added: “Presstek and Southern Lithoplate have closely shared values for delivering the highest level of quality, response, guidance and support for our customers. These shared values were core to this transaction. Both companies are contacting customers and vendors alike to reassure them of our joint commitment to a smooth transition. In addition to further positioning Southern Lithoplate as the premier and trusted prepress hardware and consumables supplier for the North American print market, this will also expand our growing commitment to our international markets.”


Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.