Tilia Labs releases Tilia Phoenix 6.0: Imposition AI

Tilia Labs (Ottawa, Ontario), a leading innovator in software automation and optimization for the printing and graphic arts industry, has announced the release of Tilia Phoenix 6.0 – “the biggest release so far and the most intelligent, Automated Imposition (AI) solution on the market today. Tilia Phoenix takes a novel approach to imposition, applying modern AI techniques to find optimal, cost-efficient layouts.

In 6.0 users can:

  • Leverage advanced free rotation nesting to generate the tightest layouts possible and bring down material costs.
  • Assign product priorities to ensure the most important orders are placed on the highest quality layouts, ready for production.
  • Use new guillotine cut rules for fine-grained control over layouts.
  • Automate optimized cut-and-stack layouts.
  • Run even faster than before with its new 64-bit architecture and continued optimization of AI algorithms.
  • Automate anything anywhere
  • Run the Phoenix REST Service and Enfocus Switch connector remotely. Phoenix can now be hosted on your servers or in cloud provider environments, providing unlimited scaling as your needs grow.
  • Run tasks concurrently using the new concurrency licensing option to increase throughput in high traffic scenarios.
  • Automate Phoenix on 64-bit Linux platforms in addition to Mac and Windows.
  • Automate virtually every feature in tilia Phoenix using the REST API, now with over 120 API methods all thoroughly documented in Open API 2.0.
  • Seamlessly integrate tilia Phoenix with the popular Cerm MIS system using the new Cerm connector.
  • Connect tilia Phoenix directly with Aleyant Pressero using tFlow or Pressero AWI.
  • Perform tiling and PDF processing tasks using new hot folder scripting utilities.
  • Manage your templates in one place

Tilia Phoenix 6.0 can now manage all your existing die, standard layout templates, and individual 1-up die designs in one central place using the new Templates Library. Combined with Imposition AI and automation, these new libraries can greatly simplify your workflow. In 6.0 you can:

  • Import CAD layouts once and forget about locating, managing, and sharing CAD files.
  • Save new templates and die designs from layouts and products in your job with a single click.
  • Use Imposition AI tools to automatically search your entire database for matching dies and templates to find the lowest cost plans.
  • Simply refer to templates and die designs by name in automation.
  • Start typing a name in the library panel in Phoenix to filter the list of templates or die designs in real-time and quickly find what you’re looking for.

Other highlights include dimension marks, die and bleed editing tools, image-based artwork support and more. Tilia is currently at Print 17 in Chicago.


Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.