XMPie adds VIPP-to-PDF/VT processing to its PersonalEffect Suite of software

XMPie has announced that its PersonalEffect Print VIPP Edition now enables users with VIPP-formatted transactional files to break into the world of personalized creative communications. Customers will now be able to support their existing VIPP investments, while moving to a standard PDF or PDF/VT Print environment – and at the same time, have an on-ramp to XMPie richly personalized print and cross-media solutions. In the past, said XMPie, Transactional VDP and Graphic Arts VDP were considered two separate business directions, “yet today the boundaries between them are quickly disappearing.” With XMPie’s PersonalEffect Print VIPP Edition, users can continue to produce their traditional transactional print jobs, while also gaining a foothold into the world of Graphic Arts VDP with all its multi-channel and high-value opportunities. With the PE Print VIPP Edition, customers can embrace the growing popularity of PDF/VT without losing their investments in VIPP technology. The VIPP Edition allows native handling of the VIPP Project Containers (VPC) packages, creating the PDF/VT files required for the relevant print device. In addition, customers of the VIPP Edition now have access to some of the elements that make up the VPC, and modify them for updating and re-submission.  Changing the data source would be one example of such a modification – a well-known capability and hallmark of XMPie PersonalEffect systems.

Joe Rouhana.
Joe Rouhana.

Customers of the VIPP Edition can also use it as an entry-level, server-class solution from XMPie – opening “a new world of creatively rich, individualized communications in print.” As with all XMPie PersonalEffect offerings, customers can decide to add capabilities later – such as cross media or web-to-print. “With the PE Print VIPP Edition, we’re bringing a sophisticated integration between VIPP technology and XMPie personalization technology to market,” said Joe Rouhana, VP/GM of Workflow Software at the Xerox Software Business Group. “With this innovation, we’re opening the door to modern personalized communication to our loyal VIPP customers and providing them with a bridge from the VIPP-based Transactional communications world, to the XMPie and PDF/VT world of Graphic Arts personalization in print and multichannel environments.” The PersonalEffect Print VIPP Edition and its capabilities will be showcased for the first time at Print 17, September 10-14 in Chicago. XMPie will be at the Xerox Booth 1302. Demonstrations can be booked in advance via the XMPie website.



Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.