Gallus adds new inline finishing options to its Labelfire 340 Digital Label Press

Gallus Labelfire 340 Digital Label Press.
The Gallus Labelfire 340 Digital Label Press.

After “numerous customer requests,” the OEM has added a rotative screen printing unit to its Gallus Labelfire 340 Digital Label Press. The fully integrated screen printing unit can be positioned upstream or downstream of the press. In front of the digital printing unit, for example, users can benefit from the opacity of white screen-printing ink. Downstream, the entire pallet of advantages of screenprinting can be applied – such as the tactile effects of spot varnishing, or safety applications with special screen printing inks. The Gallus Labelfire 340 can therefore produce finished and die-cut labels in a single production operation, improving production speeds for finished labels while producing less waste. This saves label printers time, costs and materials compared to a multi-step production process, as there’s no changeover required for subsequent further processing. Additionally, because of the latest-generation of inkjet printing heads from Fujifilm, the Gallus Labelfire achieves a native resolution of 1,200 DPI. The 340 was jointly developed by Gallus and Heidelberg.


Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.