Idealliance launches BrandQ Packaging Supply Chain Management Program

Idealliance, the U.S.-based association for the Visual Communications and Media Industry, has launched BrandQ, a new educational and certification program that provides the packaging supply chain with tools, measurements, methods and language for controlling and monitoring print quality across the entire supply chain, as well as improving brand manager/supplier communications. The goal of the BrandQ program is to facilitate effective communications between brands and suppliers, helping brand managers communicate their expectations and requirements, then subsequently monitor and measure them throughout their supply chain. The first live BrandQ training program was held recently in Boston, hosted by GMG Americas, with additional dates booked in cities across the U.S. in coming months. Live BrandQ manager training is scheduled to be held in Chicago March 20-22 and June 5-7, 2018, and in New York City May 15-17, 2018. BrandQ Expert certification training will be held January 16-17, 2018 in San Diego, California. For more information about all BrandQ programs, please visit

Timothy Baechle.
Timothy Baechle.

“BrandQ was created by the packaging supply chain, for the packaging supply chain,” said Timothy Baechle, Vice President of Global Print Technologies & Workflows at Idealliance. “Brand managers who take the BrandQ training will learn the language of quality control and print measurement, and how to effectively communicate expectations with suppliers. Brand managers will learn how to determine if suppliers can meet their expectations, confidently produce work, measure those expectations, and perform best work, from design to print to delivery, rooted in ISO standards and global-leading methodologies. Ultimately, the BrandQ program will result in a vastly improved brand and supplier relationship.”

Idealliance is offering three levels of BrandQ training and certification in a format similar to the training and certification program for its industry-leading G7 Specification. These include: BrandQ, designed for brand managers; BrandQ Expert, developed to prepare individuals to train and implement the BrandQ program at brand and supplier facilities; and BrandQ Master, certification for facilities that meet BrandQ program standards. BrandQ training is delivered either live, via two-day or three-day hands-on classes, or online. Both formats are facilitated by expert industry instructors. However, both live and online attendees must demonstrate competency with the hands-on portion of the class and score favourably on a final examination to receive BrandQ certification.


Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.