Independent Folders releases updated Passport Product Catalogue

Independent Folders' Passport 2017 Binder.
Independent Folders’ Passport 2017 Binder.

The latest edition of Independent Folders’ Passport Catalogue, a modern guide to an exceptional collection of custom-printed folder products, is now available. Characterized as “the leading resource for a vast array of print products that can help any business flourish,” the Passport Catalogue is updated every other year. While the core Passport Catalogue elements remain, several new features have been introduced based on customer feedback, said the company. These include removable, separate product booklets, a smaller printed catalogue size, several new products, and several of the most popular products.

Brian Tilot.
Brian Tilot.

“Our Passport Catalogue is a tremendous tool for any business wanting to grow and succeed,” said Brian Tilot, General Manager at Independent Folders. “The greatest values we offer are our printing expertise and customer service. Whether you have a question about printing or ways to approach a new customer, we’re here to help.

To access the updated Passport Catalogue online, download a PDF version, or to request a sample to be mailed, please visit


Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.