Manroland Web Systems expands third-party press retrofits

Manroland web systems has expanded its service portfolio to include competitor presses. The German OEM has already completed two successful control upgrades for competitor presses. Moreover, said the company, “numerous printing companies with third-party presses can now profit from the integration of manroland web systems Inline Control Systems. Even press relocations with third-party presses are now carried out seamlessly.” The service is part of a new strategy.

“Whereas in the past, investments in new machines were common, printing houses have now become more hesitant. It has become hard to predict the market and additional challenges keep arising. In order to maintain the competitive edge despite all of this, a search has begun for solutions that offer more quality, flexibility and productivity, while also increasing the life cycle of the machine. This saves costs in two ways – on the one hand for the investment, and on the other hand for production. Now, this is possible for all operators on the market – for manroland web systems’ customers, as well as those using presses of other manufacturers. At the same time, manroland web systems not only offers a customer-specific approach and advice, but also customized, innovative solutions,” the OEM added. Recent successful examples include a pilot customer for the integration of manroland web systems software in third-party machines in the USA, India and China.


Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.