Sihl introduces Squeezable Inkjet Films

Sihl Facestock Label Examples.
Sihl Facestock Label Examples.

Sihl, a global leader in substrates for digital printing, has introduced a new film to its SIHL Facestock line. Sihl Picofilm WS is a white polyolefin film with a special VIP (Variable Information Printing) top coating for aqueous inkjet printing. Because of its squeezability and deformability, it’s ideal for the labeling of various PE containers and bottles. Following last year’s successful introduction of the product range based on 60 µm BOPP films for printing with aqueous inkjet inks, the white squeezable Picofilm WS is the second new product from the company’s Facestock range. “The polyolefin-mix film, developed especially for aqueous inkjet printing, opens many new possibilities for application with aqueous printers using either pigment or dye inks,” said the company. “It’s equipped with an established VIP coating, which Sihl customers have already come to know and treasure. The reverse of the film is not coated. The top material adapts well to the substrate onto which it’s applied, and resists multiply use.”

Sihl offers Picofilm WS in 4 variations

  • 7079 – Picofilm WS-85 Glossy IHG1
  • 7094 – Picofilm WS-85 Satin IG1
  • 7095 – Picofilm WS-75 Matt IM1
  • 7096 – Picofilm WS-75 Matt XM1

The different surface finishes enable “the perfect solution for every application.” In addition, the film is also easy for all label producers to process – “as good as self-adhesive squeezable or MDO (Machine Direction Oriented) standard products. Thanks to the good balance between suppleness and strength, the squeezable material can be used in many areas, where until now only PE facestock films could be used,” said Sihl. Picofilm WS-75 matt XM1 is offered with a special coating. XM1 – in combination with Epson C3500, Kyaro D, Primera Lx2000e and Epson 7500G printers – achieves the BS5609 Section 3, making it ideal for extreme outdoor use. It’s water-resistant, chemical-resistant and abrasion-resistant. The film is also ideal for self-adhesive labels for the labeling of oil drums or chemical drums.


Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.