Sun Chemical introduces SunEvo Digital Coatings

By enhancing surface treatments, SunEvo Digital Coatings can print on a wideer range of substrates.
By enhancing surface treatments, Sun Chemical’s SunEvo Digital Coatings can print on a much wider range of substrates.

Designed to provide “the finest and most advanced coating solutions” for digital package printing, SunEvo Digital Coatings “allow for a collaborative initiative in the supply chain, providing a link between the substrate, press and ink  while providing converters with technically advanced solutions that are tailored to their requirements, and that fit within industry standards,” said the company. Suitable for labelling, flexible packaging, folding carton or corrugated printing, SunEvo Digital Coatings are structured around various technological platforms that work with numerous digital printing techniques – including electro-photography (EP), liquid electro-photography (LEP), water-based inkjet systems, and energy curable (EC) inkjet systems. By enhancing surface treatments, the new coatings allow converters to print on a wide range of substrates – including non-porous filmic and paper-based substrates while “complementing digital inks to deliver functionality, protection, productivity and finishing.”

Sun Chemical added that SunEvo Digital Coatings “offer the most comprehensive and technically advanced range of primers, adhesives and overprint varnishes which have been designed to meet packaging application standards required by brand owners and converters.” The new coatings include SunEvo Primus – a range of primers promoting adhesion to substrates, and supporting the pigment on the substrate, while enhancing printability and the resolution of the digital inks on some of the most commonly used packaging substrates. Also new is SunEvo Protect – overprint varnishes (OPVs) that safeguard digital printing inks used in packaging applications, while enhancing the customer experience through the quality of the finish.


Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.